The Farm
Zane Street Farms is located in Elk River, MN on 1/3 acre. The farm was formerly a grassy lawn and is now home to a thriving CSA. Everything grown is pesticide-free and from non-GMO seeds. We care very much about taking care of the earth and taking care of people, so we are 100% committed to never using harmful chemicals.

The Farmers
It's good to start with what you have, and what we have is a generous family with a very large, sunny yard.

We've dreamed of farming for quite a while. Andrew's dad and mum, Loy and Elaine Switzer, graciously offered up their 3 acre lot in Elk River, MN for us to grow veggies on. This coming year will be our first official season-- a "pilot project" if you will. We are starting by offering a small number of CSA subscriptions with over 75 varieties of veggies. We'll also be growing for our two households and trying out a few items to offer to Metro area chefs.

We live in South Minneapolis. Since this is our pilot year, we are staying put in Minneapolis, close to our jobs. Once the plants are in the ground, we will be driving up to Elk River for long weekends for the duration of the season. How do we hope to pull it all off? By keeping the project at a managable scale, being efficient, and by being truly happy doing something we love. This is also a family affair- we have the support of parents and siblings on our side.

Stasha grew up in the woods of Northwest Wisconsin. On her parent's 40 acres, she learned how to keep chickens, chop wood, grow vegetables, apples, and berries, and be content and enjoy nature. While living in Kansas City, Stasha met Andrew, with whom she fell in love and married in record time. Over the years she has worked in non-profit marketing and nannied for new families. When she was small, she thought she'd be a hermit painter by now. Instead, she lives a fulfilling life as an organic farmer & doula.

Andrew grew up on the mean streets of Brooklyn... Center (a suburb of Minneapolis). He learned early on the joys of fresh produce from the garden. Andrew's family has always kept a large veggie garden with a lot of heirloom varieties. As life continued, Andrew also acquired a love of cooking, and luckily married a woman with a love of eating. He has worked as a cook, pizzaiolo, barista, retail and wholesale customer service rep, bookstore lacky, and rockstar. Andrew is currently fighting The Man and can't wait to debut as a farmer.

Our Farm Manager, Itty Bitty, is a Kansas City native and met Andrew and Stasha at a LOST weekly TV night. Bonding over their mutual loves of food and sleep, and it was only natural that he should join their family. Itty Bitty's greatest joys in life are trying to put things inside sleeping people's mouths, laying atop things you are looking for, dumping water onto the floor, and the great outdoors.

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