Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vida Nueva Community Garden

Thanks for the photo, Google!

Do you live in or near the Phillips neighborhood and have a desire to garden? 

Welcome to Vida Nueva Garden. This community garden was founded last year and is hosted by The Minnesota Birth Center. Andrew and I are blessed to be the new coordinators. Eventually the lot will be utilized differently, but for a couple seasons there is a great opportunity to get your green thumb on.

Quick facts:

  • Lot is 1/3 acre
  • Located on the corner of E 27th St & Columbus Ave S
  • Water is available on site
  • There will be a nominal annual fee
  • The soil has been tested and has no dangerous lead levels
  • It's up to each gardener to fence his/her own plot as desired
  • There is a path cutting diagonally through the lot used as a shortcut by neighbors
  • Mostly tree-free and sunny

Andrew and I will keep a plot for our own garden. I can't wait for heirloom tomatoes. Over the winter, I checked this book out from the library three times. Have you all been dying over spring seed catalogs too? I'm almost more excited to grow flowers for the birth center (my employer). All winter I've been reading flower farmer Erin Benzakein's blog, Floret. This gal has technique, my friend. At the very least, there will be cosmos, sunflowers, sweet peas, a few varieties of bulbs, and the Baker Creek heirloom dahlias that stunned me last year. 

It looked like 2014 would be a nearly garden-less year for us. We are so thankful for the chance to grow in the city and garden alongside our neighbors. 

Would you like a garden plot at Vida Nueva? Get in touch here.