Thursday, January 9, 2014

Change is Afoot, Again.

"Constant change" seems to be the best descriptor of our lives. I'd often prefer to resist and bemoan change, but embracing it seems more exciting.

So, we're not doing CSA this year.

Our former jobs enabled us to develop the farm. Our jobs have changed now and our schedules are no longer as flexible. Without enough land access and savings to jump in full-time, we had to reassess. It's not all doom and gloom though. Even though we didn't ask for all these changes, it brought other dreams to fruition. Stasha is now a full-time doula. That has been 2 years in the making, and it's a fantastic fit for her interests. Andrew is working for Dogwood, at their location within the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He can gaze at his favorite piece of art every day now, if he wanted to!

We don't know how this bodes for the future of Zane Street Farms. The farm is still a dream in our hearts and we now have a year's experience to prove we can do it. That is both heartening and maddening. We have peace about this change though, and we're really excited about the other opportunities that have come our way.

The 2014 garden will mostly be for home use. We're focusing on heirloom varieties to feed us year-round. We're stoked to can, pickle, cure, dry, and freeze our way to a full larder. 

We'll keep up the blog and Instagram because gardening is a blast and the pictures are too pretty to keep to ourselves.

Also, we might have by-the-bushel and by-the-item stuff to sell for fresh eating, canning, and winter storage. We just can't help ourselves.