Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lately, in the Garden

I'm amazed any words have made it to the blog lately! It's been a regular marathon to build infrastructure and plant the gardens. The slow-to-thaw ground, melts followed by snowstorms, and nearly all-weekend rains have pushed 1.5 months of work into just a couple weekends. We're caught up on planting (whew). Our soil test results are back. Much to our surprise, we have fantastic dirt. We have a deer-proof fence thanks to friends and family who have blessed us with their time, brawn, and cheerful attitudes. There is so much to be thankful for.

After a moment of relief at having a deer fence up just in time for the tender seedlings to be set out, we found the rabbits of Sherburne county had plotted against us. They chewed holes in the fence and brazenly grazed on the Brassica colony. Thankfully, they seem to be slow eaters, perhaps because their appetites were nearly satiated on fencing material. Only a few plants were lost, but talks of pellet guns and sling shots and snares were in the air.

However, a savior was in our midst. Behold, Tigger. The one-eyed, not-quite-pet-material family cat who has turned into a vigilant rabbit hunter. Thank you, Tigger. I take back all the jokes I've ever made about you. 

117 tomato plants are safely in the ground, though the overnight lows continue to dip too low for a tomato's comfort. What a strange June we're having!

Tucking the tomatoes in for a cool night

500 potato plants, about 500 onions, and countless plantings of lettuce, salad turnips, carrots, and radishes now grace what used to be the front yard.

Hundreds of bean and pea plants, around 400 assorted brassicas, the tomatoes, and soon, peppers and eggplant fill out the back yard. Herbs are growing, sunflowers are shooting out of the earth, and the cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins are slowly vining out. 

Scarlett runner beans, green beans, peas, and fava beans (L-R)

It's all coming together. The first CSA delivery is in one and a half weeks. 

We're on Instagram now! Our handle is @zanestreetfarms.

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  1. Wow! Considering how weird this weather is, the garden looks GREAT!!


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