Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stuff We Found In the Yard

The more soil we till, the more treasures we unearth. 

A handsome pig named Chops
A T-Rex?
Bristle-les Brush
The spanking likeness of Minnesota, in rock form
A space pen. Probably the most valuable find!
Robbie, from the 90's sitcom Dinosaurs. Anyone else remember that show?
Old rusty hardware

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hooray, a Hoop House!

Our most challenging project to date, the hoop house, is complete. It's everything it should be: warm and good-smelling. 

It's completion was so timely. The house was about to burst with plants. Balance is restored. We need a year-round greenhouse next! 

Colton and Elaine were there to plant potatoes and stretch the plastic. After months of delays in completing this project, the installation was very smooth. All the times inclement weather prevented us from finishing it gave us time to research the best way to install the plastic. We ended up using wiggle wire & channel from BFG Supply in St. Paul. As time goes on, it seems that every delay and obstacle has a silver lining.