Monday, February 11, 2013

Working for the Weekend Take 2

Lots of you know about our composting relationship with Gardens of Salonica in Northeast Minneapolis. A couple weeks ago Anna took these pictures of us for their Facebook page and gave us a nice shout out.

It's seriously one of the highlights of our week to go pick up compost. It's the first thing we do after work on Fridays and it signifies the weekend is starting. It's time to work on our dreams. We have a gyro (so delicious!), maybe some wine, and unwind for a little while. We go dump the compostables at the farm site, visit with our family, and often work on other farm related stuff. It's a weekly tangible experience leading to all the things we look forward to come spring.

And dang, we make picking up decomposing vegetable matter look goooooood.

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