Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Virtues of CSA

During a recent seven hour drive, we spent our time being inspired by and learning from Land Stewardship Project podcasts. We really liked a talk by Tony Shultz on Community Supported Agriculture. The link to that episode is here.  

Tony talked about three virtues of CSA: 
  • Diversity (diverse crops means a varied diet and ecological sustainability)
  • Opportunity (small community supported farms provide livelihoods for more farmers) 
  • Community (purchase power being spent locally, fostering mutually beneficial relationships, consciously supporting your neighbor's livelihoods, fostering a valuable social network)
I love thinking about how farming can enliven a community. One of Tony's closing sentences really speaks to me.
We need to farm because industrial agriculture is creating and exacerbating terminal ecological crises... We need people not caught up in that system to bring the hope of sustainability to the agricultural landscape and to heal the planet.

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