Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Minneapolis Farm Hack

At the MOSES Organic Farming Conference, we learned about a great organization called Farm Hack. It's basically collaborative development of tools for farming. It's all open source, plans are free, and it sounds really fun. Anyone who can make it to the local Hack, let us know, we want to hear all about it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Looking Legit

That's right, that pretty, pretty picture you see is our new logo, complete with color options. 

And this is our business card. Here's the front:

And the back: 

Double-sided, double fancy.

Our logo, business card, and general fanciness was created by Rose Daniels of Rose Daniels Design. We feel incredibly lucky to have her skill and creativity on our side. The lovely beet gracing our logo and card was illustrated by Rae Alexis. You can see her portfolio & blog here. We are so very thankful for the handiwork of these two women. 

Now we're off to the MOSES Organic Farming Conference for the weekend. We'll return just in time to start our onions on Sunday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Working for the Weekend Take 2

Lots of you know about our composting relationship with Gardens of Salonica in Northeast Minneapolis. A couple weeks ago Anna took these pictures of us for their Facebook page and gave us a nice shout out.

It's seriously one of the highlights of our week to go pick up compost. It's the first thing we do after work on Fridays and it signifies the weekend is starting. It's time to work on our dreams. We have a gyro (so delicious!), maybe some wine, and unwind for a little while. We go dump the compostables at the farm site, visit with our family, and often work on other farm related stuff. It's a weekly tangible experience leading to all the things we look forward to come spring.

And dang, we make picking up decomposing vegetable matter look goooooood.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Virtues of CSA

During a recent seven hour drive, we spent our time being inspired by and learning from Land Stewardship Project podcasts. We really liked a talk by Tony Shultz on Community Supported Agriculture. The link to that episode is here.  

Tony talked about three virtues of CSA: 
  • Diversity (diverse crops means a varied diet and ecological sustainability)
  • Opportunity (small community supported farms provide livelihoods for more farmers) 
  • Community (purchase power being spent locally, fostering mutually beneficial relationships, consciously supporting your neighbor's livelihoods, fostering a valuable social network)
I love thinking about how farming can enliven a community. One of Tony's closing sentences really speaks to me.
We need to farm because industrial agriculture is creating and exacerbating terminal ecological crises... We need people not caught up in that system to bring the hope of sustainability to the agricultural landscape and to heal the planet.