Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Project: Constructing a Hoop House

This weekend a little dream came true. We started the hoop house! I'm marveling that the first weekend of December is still warm enough to work outside without gloves in unfrozen ground.

The hoop house will extend our growing season dramatically. We will also be using our solar-heated blessing as a compost haven for the winter. We're about to enact a major composting program, but more on that later.

Colton and Andrew designed the hoop house based a video series and this diagram from the National Gardening Association. There's also a companion materials list here. The house we made is 9' high, 14' wide and 20' long.

Each of the hoops are sitting on rebar that is hammered about 1' into the ground. 

Andrew dug a 6" deep trench around the whole structure. 

Boards sit in the trench and add stability to the structure. Also, all the joints are secured with duct tape, because duct tape fixes everything.

The hoops are affixed to the boards with pipe clamps.

Next weekend's project will be putting the polyethylene cover on the hoop  house, building the ends of the house, and adding in the door and window. Next weekend is also the start of our composting relationship with a local restaurant, but more on that later.

Viva la weekend.

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