Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Home Vermicomposting

Last Friday, we got worms to start composting with!

These types of worms are commonly called Red Wiggler worms. They are one of several types of worms people use for vermicompost (composting using worms). 

We have some awesome new friends named Leslie and Peter who keep a great blog called Think of It As An Adventure.  They have been using worms to compost some of their kitchen scraps and introduced the idea to us.

Peter made a great step-by-step photo album that we used as our guide. Making their house was really easy. As always, there's more than one way to do things, but here's how ours is set up.

Disclaimer: my walls are not purple, they just look that way in the picture.

Start with three bins of the same size. Drill holes around the collar and in the bottom of the top and middle bins. Leave the bottom bin alone. Nest them inside each other, using something to space them. We used empty yogurt containers.

The top and middle bin have holes in the bottom

The top bin is where the worms live. The middle bin is where they will migrate to when the top bin is full of their castings (aka worm poop). The bottom bin collects the worm, er, ahem, "juice". The juice and castings are valuable for fertilizing plants.

The cover for the worm house

The top bin was furnished with coconut husks, damp shredded newspaper and some veggie scraps. You basically just bury a handful of coffee grounds and veggie scraps every now and again, the worms eat it, and that's about it.

For now, we are just using vermicompost for some our kitchen scraps, but I'm already thinking about how we can adapt this idea for farm use later on. More on that later! For now, we're just having fun with our low-maintenance composting buddies.

So when our worm population is big enough, who might be interested in having some for their kitchen?

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