Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What We Need

Many of our friends have asked what kinds of things we need for our farm project. We've compiled a little list of the biggies.

  • Fencing and fence posts. We need lots and lots of wire fencing! The deer have definitely been scouting out the site and I think they are spreading the word there will be a delectable salad awaiting them in the spring.
  • Black dirt, compost, manure, lime, worm casings... basically anything used to enrich soil.  We need about 3 dump truck loads of dirt and manure!
  • Good soil mix to start our little seed buddies in
  • Drip irrigation
  • Miscellaneous smaller things:
    • A few supplies to set up rainwater collection and have it fed by gravity toward the garden. We have rain barrels but need to add spouts and a channel from the gutters to the barrels.
    • Trellis material for beans and other climbers (this could be metal poles and netting)
    • Soil testing
    • Some pro help tweaking the logo design ideas we've been working on
So there you have it! As we think of things to add or obtain things we need, we'll update the list. It's exciting to work on this project, and we're grateful to be surrounded by interested friends and family. 

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