Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What We Need

Many of our friends have asked what kinds of things we need for our farm project. We've compiled a little list of the biggies.

  • Fencing and fence posts. We need lots and lots of wire fencing! The deer have definitely been scouting out the site and I think they are spreading the word there will be a delectable salad awaiting them in the spring.
  • Black dirt, compost, manure, lime, worm casings... basically anything used to enrich soil.  We need about 3 dump truck loads of dirt and manure!
  • Good soil mix to start our little seed buddies in
  • Drip irrigation
  • Miscellaneous smaller things:
    • A few supplies to set up rainwater collection and have it fed by gravity toward the garden. We have rain barrels but need to add spouts and a channel from the gutters to the barrels.
    • Trellis material for beans and other climbers (this could be metal poles and netting)
    • Soil testing
    • Some pro help tweaking the logo design ideas we've been working on
So there you have it! As we think of things to add or obtain things we need, we'll update the list. It's exciting to work on this project, and we're grateful to be surrounded by interested friends and family. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sowing Seed

Our task last weekend was to plow up the rest of the tillable ground, pick out the rocks, and plant fall rye, our green manure crop.

The seed spreader worked for a little while, but soon we were back to hand broadcasting 55 pounds of seed. It's incredibly relaxing to walk in a line shaking seed out of your hand. If anyone needs some free Zen, come by and try it!


The song of the moment...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Plowing New Ground (updated with more pictures)

 This weekend's project is to plow a new area, pick the rocks out, and plant it with fall rye.

After the ground was plowed up, we picked out about 4 million rocks, a bone, a pop can, and one Tonka truck wheel.

Next, Colton (our wonderful tractor driver and friend) pulled a pallet with Andrew and Aleatha riding on top to smooth out the dirt.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Counting Seeds

Our goal is to start this venture debt-free, so we are making use of what we have. Between seeds Andrew and Stasha have saved and the amazing variety Loy and Elaine (parents) have saved away, we have a lot of seed to get started with. 

A lot of the packets were already opened or were heirloom seeds saved from previous years, so we needed to count them to get an idea of how much we had. We had five willing volunteers who spent the evening squinting at itty bitty seeds and tallying their quantities.

Elaine developed a great method to estimate the tiny seeds- she figured out how many seeds fit in a teaspoon, then counted teaspoonfuls. Pretty smart lady.

We catalogued the quantities in a great big spreadsheet. 

It's pretty cool to really look at each individual type of seed. They really are beautiful.

Our next project is a great big math equation that goes something like this: "If 8 families want X number of X vegetable per week, for X number of weeks, and we already have X amount of seed for that vegetable, how much more seed do we need to order? And if we grow X amount of X vegetable needed to feed 8 families, and that vegetable needs to be spaced so much between plants and so much between row, how much total space needs to be dedicated to that individual vegetable?"

We really know how to party.