Friday, September 21, 2012

Sweet Success

That, friends, is our fall rye coming up.

After tilling, fertilizing, hand broadcasting seeds, and watering, we've been waiting, waiting, waiting for any signs that these little rye seeds were actually going to grow. And there they are. Whew!

In the spring, we'll till the rye into the soil to add nutrition to it. Right now, it will help hold moisture in the ground and help prevent erosion. Rye specifically is supposed to germinate well in cold weather, so it's a perfect green manure for us.  Mother Earth News has a good article on green manures here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Opinion Poll = Closed

To everyone who took time to give their input in our survey, thank you. We learned a lot from your responses and are excited to be offering a few new things you suggested. We knew we could count on our friends and family to be opinionated. Also, many of you are gifted smart alecs.

The survey is now closed, but if you want to shoot an idea, question or whatever our way, you can reach us through the wonder of email!

Also, to those of you who asked, if a meteor crashes into our garden, we would be more than happy to save a piece for you :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Working for the Weekend

Hey friends & comrades,

What a weekend. Working all week and heading up to our garden site and shoveling all weekend then driving back to work for the week again is surprisingly awesome.  It was a good productive weekend in farm-prep land.

The to-do list is getting tadone. We shoveled all the dirt out of existing raised beds in a pre-existing 20x52' garden area. We'll reuse the raised beds elsewhere. There were an amazing amount of gnats, thus the bandito look.

We checked in on the pile of manure got last weekend. It's composting beautifully.

Picking up another load of manure in the quintessential cranky ol farm truck. We're so thankful Andrew's mom and dad are letting us use it to pick up manure. It's not any set of parents who let you fill their vehicle with animal poop.

We are very thankful to have a friend who is a Master Gardener who's provided us with manure and advice along the way. She advised us to spread manure and till it into the soil this year, then sow a green manure crop such as a fall rye.

Andrew is a tilling BEAST.

Our awesome friend Colton brought over a bobcat with this crazy attachment that broke up our parched dirt so we can till/fertilize next week. We really have a lot of wonderful people in our lives to be thankful for.

Our anthem these days:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


One project done! Last weekend we made a 3 bin composting area out of free pallets. The idea is that you move the composting material into a new bin until it reaches #3, where it's ready to go. It's already in use, breaking down our veggie scraps and grass clippings to make awesome compost for the spring.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Our compost bins are coming along great. A little sneak peek at one of this weekends projects. The others involve a lot of horse poop.